About This Genealogical Effort

The project began in 1982 and 1983, continuing through 1986-1987. From then until 2000, it sat hidden away on a dusty disk with only an occasional update. The full printed text is over 350 printed pages. This account of the Prasse family and its genealogy is the result of research of printed historical texts and official records, information related as remembered by a family member, and a certain amount of conjecture. It ascribes the various primary sources at the beginning of each family group section so you may have a rough idea as to the validity of the information. Other family information was then filled in based on research of historical and public record documents.

If during your reading of this account, you find an error or know any other facts, write them down and send them with sources to F.C. Prasse, 2931 Burnt Oak, San Antonio, Texas, 78232 or e-mail to fc@prasse.org . If your source is a book, article or official record, please identify it. If it is information related to you by another family member, use a format such as this, "My uncle, Herbert Prasse, said that my grandfather, Albert F. Prasse, referred to William H. Prasse as his cousin."

Several people from various Prasse family groups have helped in this effort to compile as complete a history of the family as possible. Donald L. of the North St. Louis Prasses basically drove this project and furnished much of the initial information for the rest of the Prasse family groups. My thanks to Don and all the Prasses that responded to his questionnaire. Mrs. Ellice Prasse of the Freeport, Illinois (Stephenson County) clan is a wealth of information on her group and Prasses in general. She visited "Prasse hof" in Bad Meinberg (pictured on Home Page), Germany in 1981. Sue Ladage of the St. Charles, Missouri Prasses originally got Don Prasse interested in genealogy, and she has a vast amount of information and expertise in genealogy. She did the majority of the correspondence to Germany. Alberta "Bertie" Shephard of the North St. Louis clan kept me going when the going got tough. Eventually, the family narrative will be expanded from interesting or noteworthy facts on each family member. See the list below for all the contributors for the original work and those who have joined in this renewed 21st century online effort.

In 2000, in order to make the project more accessible to genealogists and those interested in the Prasse family, F.C. Prasse reserved the Internet domain name of prasse.org, and began the tedious process of converting the text to hypertext markup language -- it actually went pretty fast, with the majority done in less that 24 hours of work. The website made its debut on May 13, 2000 and was over 95% completed. The website is designed more for functionality than aesthetics -- pages designed to load as fast as possible, although some files are quite large (you'll be given an approximate load time if it's a large file). We will continue to add to it as we get additional information.

This website is strictly non-commercial and is generated and maintained by Prasse family members. Copying of the information on this website for commercial interests of any sort would be extremely unethical. Information is for use by Prasse family members and those genealogists doing research on Prasse lineage.

If you wish to help in this newly revitalized 21st century high tech version of the Prasse family genealogy, please feel free to drop me some e-mail.  Again, please bear in mind that this is a strictly non-commercial effort being done by Prasse family members across the country volunteering their time and resources.

F.C. Prasse
May 13, 2000
San Antonio, Texas

Original Primary Contributors to this Genealogy, 1982-1987

Name Family  Branch
Meryl Prasse Frank
Mrs. Multner
Cincinnati, Ohio
Donald L. Prasse
Alberta Shepard
North St. Louis, Missouri
Ellice Prasse
Keith W. Prasse
Freeport (Stephenson County), Illinois
Wilbert G. Prasse Keokuk, Iowa
F.C. Prasse
Alberta Prasse Barnes
East Cleveland, Ohio
Richard R. Prasse
Carol Prasse Reed
West Cleveland, Ohio
Susan K. Beckmann Ladage St. Charles, Missouri
Elizabeth Prasse Capron
Bertha Prasse Roche
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Charles John Prasse
Freeman Edward Prasse
New York, New York
Harriette K. Prasse
Elsie L. Prasse Breen
John Herman Prasse
Fritz A. Prasse, Sr.
Carnegie, Pennsylvania
Edwin E. Prasse New Jersey
Erwin T. Prasse Naperville, Illinois
Donald L. Prasse
Susan K. Beckmann Ladage
F.C. Prasse
Alberta Shepard
Northeast Coast and Other Prasses

Contributors to the 21st Century Online Prasse Genealogy

Name Family Branch
F.C. Prasse East Cleveland, Ohio (Website setup and original document conversion)
Donald L. Prasse North St. Louis, Missouri
Theresa Elliott Naperville, Illinois

People who work on this new effort may have a special e-mail address to use in correspondence for this online project -- yourname@prasse.org. Please e-mail F.C. Prasse with your username and password request -- access instructions using MS Outlook/Outlook Express or Netscape Mail will be provided.

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