The Prasse Families in America

"Prassen Hof" - Bad MeinbergThis website is a genealogy of Prasse family groups who emigrated from Germany during the 19th and early 20th centuries, and settled in the United States.  Families are grouped by locations where they initially settled and by German origin.

The About Effort selection details most of the Prasse family members primarily involved in this cooperative "labor of love" which began in 1982-1983. The 21st Century Prasse Internet genealogy update team is being formed!

The Introduction section provides a brief background and history of the conditions in Germany during the 19th century which led to the large German emigrations to the United States.

The Names section covers a bit about the surname and there is also an index of other surnames connected to the Prasse families by marriage. You can also use the Search website to look for a name.

Looking for someone? Try out our Search Engine to scan all the pages of this website (or the entire Web). With Internet Explorer, hold Ctrl key down and tap F to find information on the displayed page.

The individual branches listed in the menu to the left contain the genealogies for each Prasse family group in the United States. (Use the Search website if you're not sure which branch the person you're looking for is in.)

We appreciate your feedback and updates for this genealogy! E-Mail to FC Prasse.

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