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The Elliott Genealogy of the Naperville, Illinois Prasse Branch
Created by Theresa Elliott who also has 
information on the following genealogies: 
Mann, Elliott, Petaros (Petoros, Petros), Ahacic, Gnatkowski, 
Sandifer (Sandefur), Kopac (Kopacz), Horvatin, Samuels, Taylor, 
Keller, Sullender, Barbee, Mobley, and Pelham
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Cyndi's List

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Theresa Elliott

Life Timeline
Put lives in historical context;
enter birth and death dates and get a
timeline of historical events during a
person's lifetime -- 1000 AD to Present

Headstone Hunter

NOTE: If you need the Soundex code for research,
the code for PRASSE is P620

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