North St. Louis, Missouri Prasse Branch
(compiled by Donald L. Prasse)

Burial Locations

A. St. Peter's Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri

B. Lake Charles Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri

C. Valhalla, St. Louis, Missouri

D. Bollinger Family Cemetery, Sabuie, Missouri

E. Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

F. Ft. Logan National Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

G. New St. Marcus Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri

H. Roosevelt Crematory, Los Angeles, California

I. Laurel Hill Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri

J. St. Martin's Cemetery, Dittmer, Missouri

K. Cedar Hill Cemetery, Cedar Hill, Missouri

L. Evangelical Cemetery, Union, Missouri

M. Odd Fellows Lodge Cemetery, St. Clair, Missouri

Could this passenger manifest be the immigration 
of the St. Louis Prasse Family Group?

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